🎄  Seasons Greetings 🎄

🎄 Seasons Greetings 🎄

Seasons Greetings Dowser Family & Friends, 

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year❣️

🥳Happy Birthday Pearl❣️Pearl jammed with her band again earlier this month to celebrate her birthday.   Over the years she has given us some “Pearl’s of Wisdom” for LOVE in our lives. Pearl poses four questions for all of us as the year closes…


How can I love you more?

Do I water your seeds of suffering?

Do I water your seeds of Joy?

Please tell me, How can I love you better?

© Pearl Nicolino


Certainly, Pearl knows what LOVE is; as she really is an ageless Goddess with great depth.  Pearl has the right thinking, right actions and takes care of her temple.  Thanks Pearl for being a role model and inspiration for many of us.  What a great way to bring blessings of Love with the ending year and bring in the NEW YEAR with more LOVE!️️


Blessings of Love, Jeannette & Nor Cal Dowsers’ Team