Dowsing Rods


Letter to Robin
Written by Walt Woods to a beginning dowser, this is a great place to start your dowsing practice.

Digital Dowsers
This website offers many links to dowsing resources.

American Society of Dowsers
Members of the American Society of Dowsers make up the largest organized body of dowsers in the world. Members range from the most experienced to the most eager newcomers and everyone in between. ASD is also home to many of the United States most skilled dowsers, ranging from water dowsers to seekers of minerals and lost objects, energetic dowsers, esoteric dowsers, and a great deal more.

Ozark Research Institute
Ozark Research Institute explores the power of the focused mind. Their mission is to serve humanity through education, spiritual awakening and holistic research.

Ed Dames
If you are interested in remote viewing, you might want to check out this website.

Einstein Archives Online

Joey Korn
Joey Korn says “(dowsing) is about tapping into our own God-given ability to explore the world of subtle energies that are everywhere within and around us. It’s about drawing every closer to the Divine in our lives.” His website has many interesting and valuable components.

This the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing: helping you become the first in history of your family with no family history.

Oswald the Runemaker
If you ever wanted to know more about ancient runes, this website is for you.

Jean Slatter
Author of “Hiring the Heavens”, Jean Slatter’s self-help books and spiritual guidance courses can help you access your intuition and higher wisdom.

Nigel & Maggie Percy
This website has a lot of information about dowsing and how to improve your skills. There is also a related Facebook group with very active diverse members.

Marsha & Ralph Ring
Ralph Ring says, “Our continuing endeavor is to re-introduce a better and safer form of transportation and habitation. Blue Star Enterprise is devoted and dedicated to bringing about a more peaceful, expedient and affordable way of life through the use of Alternative Energy.”

Juanita Ott
The Mirrorwaters website offers beautifully detailed dowsing charts, dowsing information and instruction. Many of the dowsing charts are offered for free.

Susan Collins
Susan is a Personal Management Consultant who specializes in detecting and transforming Earth, Environmental and Psychic Energies to bring health, prosperity and balance to your home or business through dowsing. She is also a Professional Dowser who provides a variety of “Spiritual Housecleaning” services.




  1. Michael Joyce
    March 27, 2015

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    looking for a high end spiritual dowser to rid me of
    spiritual beings hurting me greatly. I am in chicago
    and Walt Woods used to work on me from time to time
    years ago. anyone available?

    • admin
      April 9, 2015

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      Michael Joyce,
      My e-mail is please send me more information like address, and any information I may need and I’ll look at your spiritual enitite and with your permission will remove it. Is there a reason why it or they keep coming back?
      Barney Turner 530-474-1938

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