Dowsing Rods

What is Dowsing

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is the ancient art of finding water, minerals and other objects that seem to have a natural magnetic, electromagnetic or other perhaps unknown energy. We work with energies that the body detects with its built-in sensors that are natural to all of us and are no more mysterious than seeing, hearing or feeling. Often we call this “intuition” and it can be developed. The purpose of dowsing clubs is to share experiences, successes or failures and to gather information about this phenomenon. It is an exciting hobby and draws together people with open and searching minds. We live in a fascinating world. Come and explore with us!

How to Dowse 

We recommend reading Letter to Robin. This mini-course in pendulum dowsing is designed as a learning tool for beginners. It can also be used for a class or discussion by experienced dowsers for it contains bits of information that even the most skilled dowsers may appreciate. ~ by Walt Woods

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