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Club members are welcome to submit their dowsing/energy related book and video recommendations. Please email your selections using the mail button on the top right of this page (next to facebook button) for approval.


Sharron Hope’s Dowsing Chart

Walt Woods & Clay Smith’s Chart

Radio Interview

Master Dowser Sharron Hope (Gold Country Dowser’s Chapter, Oroville, CA) is interviewed on the radio with Lee Edwards on KROV91.1: (50:02) in the spring 2016.  If you’d like to know more about basic dowsing please visit the following website:      



THE FUTURE IS YOURS Do Something About It, Raymon Grace, 2003

“Raymon’s real-life experiences and explanations of energy work of various forms, including mind development, shamanism, dowsing, healing, and self-empowerment are narrated in this book. His unique style of sensitivity, understanding, compassion and humor shines through on every page.”

Techniques That Work For Me: A Mini-Course in Energy Management for Improving Your Life, Raymon Grace, Fourth Edition 2009

An advanced dowsing manual with dowsing processes such as Changing Beliefs, Ghost Bustin’, and Changing Disharmony of Relationships and Situations, among others.

A Little Book of Pendulum Magic, DJ Conway, 2001

Nifty little book for beginners with many dowsing charts that even experienced dowsers will be interested in.

In  The Mind of a Master, Susan Anderson with Slim Spurling, 2012

“Slim Spurling was an inventor, researcher, and internationally recognized dowser. He developed the Light-Life ™ Ring in 1991, which became the prototype of a cutting edge tensor technology. The science represented in the Light-Life ™ Technology is both ancient and modern. Quantum physics has shown us that ultimately everything is light and energy. This has been demonstrated with the Light-Life ™ Tools in the energizing of food and water, cleaning of the environment, and the shift in consciousness.”

The Diviner’s Handbook: A Guide to the Timeless Art of Dowsing, Tom Graves, 1986, 1990

The Diviner’s Handbook moves directly into the firsthand experience of dowsing and the heightened sense of awareness that is the dowser’s most important ally. With clear, insightful explanations and generous illustrations, the author shows you how to: 1) make and use simple, effective dowsing tools, 2) develop dependable methods of analytic and intuitive interpretation, 3) experiment with a wide range of traditional and personal dowsing techniques and 4) locate people, objects, and information; and attune with plants and animals.

Spiritual Dowsing, Sig Lonegren, 1986

“A useful book concerned with the thinking behind dowsing as well as its practice…” – Tom Graves



The Living Matrix – The New Science of Healing, 2009

This DVD features Bruce Lipton, PhD, Lynne McTaggart and Eric Pearl, DC among others. “In the film, researchers and practitioners reveal the scientific theories behind alternative healings…find out how you can enliven your body’s own self-healing capabilities…”


What the Bleep Do We Know?, 2004

We create our own reality through quantum physics and consciousness.

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