Past Speakers



November – Channeling By Shannon James

October – Double Feature Emotional & Body Code and “Map Dowsing Part II” (Film) By Cliff Wininger and Carl V. Bracy

September – Double Feature Basic & Advance Dowsing and “Map Dowsing” (Film) By NCD Members and Carl V. Bracy

August – Double Feature Orbs and Lights in the Night and The Great Pyramid By Linda Schreiber & Steve Dean

July – West Coast Dowsers & Metaphysics Conference Summary by Jeannette, Barney & NCD Members.

June – Tuning Fork Therapy and What it Can Do For You by Jann Holden

May – Ritual Jades by Carl Vincent, Ph.D.

April – 4th and 5th Dimensional Thinking by Laurie McDonald Ccht.

March – Hypnotic Techniques for Enhancing Your Dowsing and Your Life by Roger Q. Gray, CHT.

February – How Motion Pictures Inspired Me Into Both Dermatoglyphics AND the Korean War by Robert Winston Mercy, MA, USMC

January – Experience the Wonders of Quantum Logic in This New Quantum Age by Cynthia Sue Larson, MBA, DD



December – No Meeting, Reflecting.

November – True Healing Solutions: Master Your Destiny with Crystal Sage

October – No Meeting, Harvesting.

September – Dowsing Basics & Electronic Map Dowsing with Jeannette, MA (Teacher) & Barney, EFT (Mad Scientist)

August – Using Dowsing to Co-Create a Peaceful, Happy Planet by Shirley Runco

July – There is Gold Dust in the Air! by Pat Delafield

June – Natural Solutions with Essential Oils by Dawn Lawrence, CMT, HHC

May – No Meeting, Growing.

April – Toning, Movie & Dowsing – Phoebe Fazio

March – Cloud Busting Through Historical Revisionism by Dr. Tim Kersten

February – How to Live to be 100 & Still Have Good Health by Pearl Nicolino

January – Bioenergetic Clearing by Nina Brown



December – Special Kids Event

November – Lotte’s Adventures in Dowsing by Lotte Lucille Bowen

October – No Meeting, Harvesting.

September – Orgone Cloud Harmonizer by Barney Turner

August – Healing with Dowsing by Jozef Pinter

July – West Coast Conference Recap by NorCal Dowser Attendees

June – Scheduled speaker caught up in vortex.  Did not show.

May – Using the Energy Around You to Awaken Your Intuitive Self  by Vicki Lawrence

April – No Meeting, Spring Break.

March – Iridology & Tonics by Clea Richards

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Clea Richards’ presentation on “Iridology & Tonics” will include a sample iridology reading (showing what can be gained by a reading); and discussion of her tonics and how and they help imbalances, etc.   Some tonics will be available.   Clea will discuss some of the main herbs and their functions, and the importance of balance to attain and maintain health.

Iridology (iris diagnosis) is an ancient art/science of analyzing the eyes of a person to determine the state of their present health, and possibly determine future health risks to be avoided.  Each eye contains a map of the human body including  the basic constitution, predispositions, and inherited conditions of the person being read, so that problems can be averted before actual manifestation occurs at the physical level.  An aspect of Iridology, called Rayid Iridology, reads the personality and the way a person relates to the world emotionally, mentally, and spiritually which affects their state of health.  Iridology is amazing in that it helps a person to target areas that require strengthening, building, toning and attention so that problems can be avoided and health maintained.

Clea Richards attended the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine, Institute of Traditional Medicine and Kototama Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture College.  She was a practicing Naturopath and became a Certified Iridologist, Certified Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant and Licensed Acupuncturist.   I took over Michael Moore’s Herbs Etc. with a partner and had a private practice and was teaching herbal and nutritional classes through the store in New Mexico.  Moving to California, she attended and graduated from Emperor’s College of Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, CA. Clea relocated to Mt. Shasta, then Weed, and opened New Horizon Natural Foods/Mt. Shasta Botanicals.  Currently, she teaches Chi Gong and Tai Chi, has a private practice and sells Mt. Shasta Botanical Herbal Tonics.

Clea  also works out nutritional, lifestyle programs for people to help them heal, and formulates herbal tonics that are blends of the four healing traditions of Ayurvedic, Chinese, Western and Rainforest herbs blended in tincture form so that they are easily assimilated and retain their potency.   Clea can be reached at, 530.938.1000 or


February – The Healing Benefits of Wheat Grass by Ray & Charlotte Garland
AND Take Charge of Your Emotional 
& Physical Health with Dowsing by Rachel Ortlieb  

Sunday,  9 February 2014

Ray & Charlotte Garland’s brief presentation on “The Healing Benefits of Wheat Grass”

The Garland’s grow their own wheat grass, founded the Vibrant Health through Living Foods (raw vegan lifestyle) discussion & support group.

Rachel Ortlieb will demonstrate the similarity between dowsing and muscle testing, and then present the following:  (Audience demos thru-out):

Part I:   Testing the right foods & supplements for quality and your body.

  • showing how items test strong or weak
  • 4 polarity testing
  • stress tapping
  • determining if it’s good for you

Part II: Understanding how your emotions effect you.  What is the underlying root cause of your hardship, injury or illness? How to determine what the life event (most likely from childhood) message or affirmation is and then clear and balance these.

Part III: Physical Traumas (time permitting).  Demonstrating how injuries, surgeries, vaccinations,      etc. can adversely effect various organs and glands and how to clear that energetic connection.

Rachel Ortlieb is a QRA Practitioner and PSYCH-K facilitator. She entered the alternative health field while looking for ways to help her husband who had numerous health issues when she met him. She has no medical background, but has taken numerous workshops and is always on the lookout for simple & easy techniques to improve the quality of our lives.  She moved to Old Shasta with her family in summer of 2013 and is currently focused on raising her toddler but enjoys sharing her passion for health with others.   You can reach Rachel at  or


January – Dowsing as Prayer from the Consciousness of Oneness by Timothy A. Kersten, DDS

January 5, 2014

Are you prepared to re-examine, or perhaps make an initial examination of the “Infallible Truths” that form the lens through which you perceive and thus receive, the Creative Potential that awaits—as:  “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom”! The apostle Paul said, “Be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” (Romans 12:2).  How might that happen?

Anything that separates you from the Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence of the Creative Potential that awaits manifestation in and through you – has got to go! SHIFT HAPPENS as the nature of the soul is an upward expansion. Perhaps this is why we dowse – we seek more and higher than that which we objectively perceive? Perhaps this is why we pray?

Are we not spiritual Beings in a spiritual Universe? Yet we know more about the laws and rules for filing tax forms than the laws and rules governing and producing our Life experiences! The Greek philosopher Zeno stated the great challenge in learning is to unlearn the errors that hold us in bondage.

Define some terms so we can have a meaningful discussion regarding an unseen or non-form universe that awaits manifestation!

What does the Law of nonresistance have to do with effective dowsing?  Don’t flick off that fly [irritation] it is speaking to us!

Why asking vibrationally impedes receiving?

Taoism states, that which you desire to learn, you must teach!  I believe effective dowsing and prayer are both matters of consciousness and I am clear I desire to learn more, thus I step forward as a facilitator, not an expert, to open the channels of exchange, growth and expanding possibilities as emerging dowsers PRAYING FROM THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF ONENESS!

Please, if any part of the above statements speaks to you, come help facilitate this expansion of group conscious. We all need each other’s help and encouragement.

Timothy A. Kersten, D.D.S. has vast experience in the health field. Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) with honors – University of Minnesota, 1975, Bachelor of Science Degree, 1972 – University of Minnesota, Major: Biochemistry, Minor: Anatomy, Skydiving team (1971-1972). Following graduation, I participated in an internship in Hospital Dentistry at Minneapolis General Hospital, and then served 2 years in the U.S. Navy Dental Corp. as a Lieutenant.

Post Graduate Studies include: Clinical Hypnosis; Dental Hypnosis; Dental Acupuncture; Classical Chinese Acupuncture; Neural Therapy according to Huneke; Ultra Sound Therapy; Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll (EAV); Biological Ionization (Carey A. Reams); Radionics; Electromagnetic, Geopathic and Gravitational Field Energies (Hans Neiper, M.D., Hannover, West Germany); Dowsing; Homeopathy – classical and combination remedies; Dental Advisory Board; and contributing editor (1990-1995) to “Let’s Live Magazine,” Family Constellation Therapy; Science of Mind 100, 200, 300.

Born (11/30/50) and raised in Minnesota, wife: Sharon, son: Sage. (1978-Present, Burney, Calif.) In private dental practice in an ever increasing consciousness of the totality of the circumstance.

Timothy A. Kersten, D.D.S., “Without mercury or fluoride for over 30 years.”

20484 Marquette Street, Burney, CA 96013, (530) 335-5491



By:  Jim Nelson, MA   

December 1, 2013

Jim Nelson is an experienced negotiator and trainer of negotiation skills, and has taught hundreds of scientists and engineers across the United States.  He worked with the State of California (Department of Fish and Game, California Energy Commission) until he retired at the end of 2006.  He worked on a wide variety projects including: habitat conservation, land management, regional conservation planning, permitting, enforcement of state laws, public information and outreach, and large-scale construction monitoring.

Since the early 1990’s, Jim has pursued the study and practice of negotiation, facilitation, and mediation for public disputes.  He has taught many classes on facilitation and environmental negotiation and has worked directly with many groups facilitating discussions on complex and sometimes highly controversial topics.  Since retiring from state service, Jim continues to teach, and to help groups dealing with natural resource issues.

A life-long native to northern California, Jim earned his Master’s Degree in Biological Resource Planning, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from the California State University at Chico.   He currently lives in Redding with his wife Julie, and Labrador retriever Sam.  He spends his free time gardening, skiing, camping, & hunting.  Jim has also served on the boards of local schools, and the Western Shasta Resource Conservation District.

  • Welcome!
  • Purpose and objective of the presentation
  • Defining Negotiation
  • Styles of negotiating
  • The Ideal negotiator
  • Strategies and tactics
  • A negotiation process: o Preparation o Bargaining o Closing
  • Conclusion

Materialism & Shamanism

By:  Dr. Bob Smith, PhD   


Vedanta – Philosophy & Practices

By:  Maryse Smith, MA

“Materialism and Shamanism” – by Robert E. Smith, Ph.D. Few are aware of the impact that the Inquisition has on us today, particularly in science, medicine and our economic system. We look up to science and rely on medicine, and we think of ourselves as rugged individualists, rarely recognizing the history that influences how we think of our world and ourselves. We value only that which we can see and touch, the material, never aware of the limitations of our perceptions. This talk will review how such views developed and how the Roman Inquisition played a key role in that development.

In sharp contrast, the wise men and women of the past, and the shamans of indigenous peoples, recognize that the invisible is equally as important as the visible, the material. Furthermore, they recognize, and that we are all interconnected, with each other and with all in nature, that we are One. The invisible plays an essential role in our health as well, and physicians as well as shamans are becoming aware that all healing utilizes the invisible and the importance of emotions and suppressed memories to our health. The power of shamans to heal, to assist their communities, and to bring about change, will be illustrated. The latest findings of quantum physics confirm the indigenous perspective and will be discussed as well.

Robert Smith is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Human Physiology at the School of Medicine, University of California at Davis. He is presently teaching a course comparing the history and philosophy of traditional medicines with Western medicine. This course has led to his becoming a student of self-healing and of spiritual healing, as well as of modern physics.

“Vedanta – Philosophy & Practices” by Maryse B. Smith
Quick review of previous talk (Aug 2012). Emphasis on meditation’s benefits and forms, and discussion of “what interferes”. For example, how to deal with “the monkey mind”.

Maryse was born in France, to a very atheistic family. After coming to this country, she was exposed to different ideas about God and religion, and she began to question her upbringing. This led to a search, which led to her interest in Vedanta, which she pursued extensively. In college she studied, among other things, mathematics. She taught math at Seattle University for nearly four years. A number of times she has been a guest lecturer on Vedanta at Butte Community College, giving a class on “Eastern Religion and Philosophy”.



By Ralph & Marsha Ring

Ralph & Marsha Ring...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ralph and Marsha Ring are going to relate their latest ongoing talks, events and adventures in HOLLAND and THE UNITED KINGDOM. Their visit to Holland was to speak at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference with many other great speakers of knowledge, wisdom and views of the future of free energy. They went on to the U.K. to speak at the Arundel Castle to an audience of global investors and members of the Vatican. After that a visit to Glastonbury, Avalon and a long, deep talk with John Searl (SPACESHIP) and an interview from an Italian news and TV show, and finishing with a guided tour through the land of legends: Camelot ruins, King Arthur, Robin Hood and the like.

Ralph Ring has had an ongoing interest and participation in areas of esoteric and ether knowledge and technologies. After leaving the US Army in 1954, he began a search for answers to many questions concerning the unknown. In brief, he worked for a US Government funded research facility in the areas of magnetics, levitation and teleportation. His search eventually led him to the realities and participations of teleportation and esoteric. Ralph is a Natural Scientist and a Creative Technician who in the early 1960s worked together with Otis T. Carr (A Protégé of Nikola Tesla) and a team of dedicated scientists on alternative technologies, one of which was teleportation. He was one of three to pilot a man made spaceship, the OTC-X1. His dream since birth has been and is to produce levitating homes, cities and countries. He and his spiritual partner and wife, Marsha, talk on expanding consciousness and natural law which enable people to see the simplicities of all things thereby bringing their dreams closer to reality.

Marsha, an Ordained Minister, worked for Bendix Field Engineering, Inc. in the 1970’s, at a deep space tracking station. There she experienced tracking of unknown objects and JPL Laboratories’ knowing that there was life in the multiverse, but were not sure what or how to communicate with them. Together, Ralph and Marsha share their experiences of their great life – sharing with the audiences that we are much much more than we realize. We are the ONES we have been SEARCHING for!  Please visit Ralph & Marsha Ring’s website:

“Iron Deficiency Anemia & Your Thyroid”
By: Dr. Alicia Mitchell, Chiropractor
Sunday, 8 September 2013

Course Objective: The objective of this class is to help patients understand how far reaching a simple deficiency of a macro-nutrient, like iron, can be. Also, this class will guide patients who believe they have a thyroid condition into appropriate diagnosis and treatment using both conventional and alternative measures.

Dr. Alicia Mitchell is a local resident of the North State and believes strongly in the economic and healthful advantage of eating local, organic, whole foods. Dr. Mitchell has been in private practice as a licensed holistic physician for eleven years. Her love for health and wellness began when she was just eleven years old after losing over 40 pounds through diet and exercise. As a teenager, she went on to teach movement and aerobic classes and continued to study trends in nutrition and exercise. Even with a sound diet and regular exercise, she suffered regularly with headaches, joint pain, and fluctuating weight, which she later discovered was secondary to autoimmune disease. Her personal experience with health and disease has become her life-long purpose: to seek out the truth behind what causes a person to be healthy or ill. Dr. Alicia remains fascinated with the healing capacity of the human body and delivers hope to those who are suffering.

As a licensed primary care physician in the state of California, Dr. Mitchell uses a multitude of diagnostic tools to help access the true cause of disease. She is experienced in the interpretation of blood, saliva, urine, and stool laboratories as well as many types of radiologic studies. As a principled Gonstead Chiropractor, Dr. Mitchell believes that health is a natural state that all people are inclined towards. She believes that at the root of nearly all disease are deficiencies and toxicities that simply interfere with the body’s natural capacity to heal. For this reason, Dr. Mitchell has developed a comprehensive system of evaluating patients utilizing both conventional and alternative diagnostic and treatment options. Her favored methods of Chiropractic treatment include improved nutrition, detoxification, regular exercise, stress reduction techniques and spinal adjustments. Dr. Mitchell frequently works with vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements as well as homeopathic remedies to help patients achieve optimum health. To find out how Dr. Alicia Mitchell may be able to help you, you may contact her at her office, Healing Matters, at 530.223.9377.

“Introduction to Ayurveda”
Sunday, 4 August 2013

NAYLA BYXBE will present an “Introduction to Ayurveda”. She will explain the “Science and Art” of life and longevity, using your intuition to guide you towards your optimal health and happiness.

· Self Intro…gross, subtle, quantum energies,
….my pendulum ran away
· Meaning of Ayurveda
· Root cause of disease
· Life through the lens of Ayurveda
· Say Hello to the Ten Pairs of Opposites
· Meet the “qualities of the doshas”
· What’s your Dosha Baby?
· Test
· What time is it? Ayurvedic time that is…
· Knowledge to create your optimal health by being in harmony with your environment
· Ayurveda and Yoga
· Those Good Vibrations….Bringing it all together creating a long term sustainable result of your optimal health and happiness.

Nayla Byxbe is a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda and American Institute of Vedic Studies. She is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pancha Karma Specialist, Sivananda Yoga Acharya, serving on staff at ashrams in the Bahamas, New York and Grass Valley; and a certified Massage Therapist. Integrating each of these modalities with a warm-hearted yet direct approach, Nayla offers her clients and students natural and effective ways of healing and self-discovery. Nayla has been teaching yoga and Ayurveda for nearly two decades and is also active in coordinating sacred spaces: events and retreats to nourish and inspire those on the spiritual path. She has also provided services for cancer, multiple sclerosis and rehab patients as well as abused women and senior citizens. From her own yoga studio in the north state of California, Nayla offers weekly yoga classes and other events and gatherings that inspire and heal her community. Nayla’s Contact info:, & 530.604.2339

“Magic Happens by Learning to Communicate with Spirit”
By: Shirley Runco
Sunday, 14 July 2013 1 p.m.

As soon as we start dowsing, we are connected to spirit, and when we set our focus and intention to creatively work with spirit, we are co-creating peace and harmony for our world. The nature spirits, the weather spirits, our guardian angels and ‘true source’ are all waiting to co-create with us, and I will be sharing ideas and techniques for your expanding awareness of energy work. We live in the most amazing times yet seen on this planet, so turn up your light and be the magic that is. Dowsing with spirit can transform your reality into one of inner peace, and outer harmony.
Shirley Runco resides in Northern California and is currently the American Society of Dowser’s NorCal Regional Vice President, the co-owner of SpaceShifters, the owner of Global Weather Modification Services and Pendulums, Pendants, Etc., an Ambassador and newsletter editor for the East Bay Women’s Network, and an Ambassador with the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce. As a master dowser specializing in space clearing and monthly pendulum dowsing classes, she facilitates Dowsers of the East Bay, a group that meets monthly in Oakland, a Dowser’s Roundtable gathering that meets 6 to 8 times a year, and co-facilitates Dowsers Doing Good Deeds, a small group of dedicated dowsers that meet four times a year. Shirley can be reached by e-mailing Her website is

“Dowsing for Prosperity”
Date: Sunday, 2 June 2013 at 1 p.m.

We who do energy work, frequently feel as though we don’t have enough money. Heck, most people think that they don’t have enough money!
What if we were to use dowsing to create prosperity for ourselves? Karen and Dick have been exploring the ways that dowsing can be ethically used for personal prosperity. They will facilitate this highly interactive discussion/audience participation session that is designed to increase our personal abundance. We will learn new techniques and, together, and as individuals, use our dowsing ability to begin removing the limiting beliefs and thought forms that get in the way of our receiving what we desire.
Bring your pendulums. We will work hands-on to enhance our income, and to practice manifesting all of the other things and people that we truly want in our lives.
This seminar spans two regular sessions, with a break at the halfway point.
KAREN ASHLEY, MA, ND. As an inquisitive youngster, Karen was fascinated by the how’s and why’s of people’s emotions and behaviors. This has taken her on a lifelong journey into an in-depth study of Dowsing, Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, and the Healing Arts. After 25 years of using kinesiology as a primary tool for accessing higher consciousness, she has developed a unique way of muscle testing that takes this technique to a realm beyond the five senses. She is the Director of the West Coast Dowsing Conference and Youth Program. Her consultant and teaching work includes Emotional Healing, One Brain, and Face Reading. She loves what she does! She resides in San Francisco where she is mother to various plants, cats, dogs and humans.
DICK TIPPETT has been in sales, management and construction consulting for most of his adult life. An honors program graduate of the USMMA, he holds degrees in engineering and management, and is a licensed general contractor. He first learned to dowse from Master Dowsers Harold McCoy and Ramon Grace. Dick brought his nascent skills into the business world, where he quickly learned that they make him more efficient, his business more profitable and his clients happier and better served.

“Essential Steps to Optimum Health”
By Dominic DiNino
Date: Sunday, 5 May 2013 at 1 p.m.

* The Two Main Causes Of Our Diseases
* The Top Two Diseases and How To Prevent Them
* What Essential Nutrients Most People Are Missing
* How to Build A Strong Immune System
* Proper Eating Habits
* Foods That Heal and Foods That Kill
* Daily Menu Guide
* Local Outlets For Healthy Shopping

Dominic DiNino is a Certified Nutritional Consultant with Optimum Body Health. Dominic has been assisting people on renewing their health with a healthy lifestyle approach; which includes a combination of proper foods, essential vitamins and minerals, lipids, detoxification and pH balancing. Dominic can be reached at:,, & 530.949.0619

“Orgone Generator”
By: Barney D. Turner, Dowser & EFT Practitioner
Date: Sunday, 7 April, 2013 at 1

1. What is Orgone Energy?
2. Who discovered it?
3. How does it work?
4. Who can benefit from it?
5. Is it easy to make and use?
6. Is it safe and where can I use it?
7. Is it expensive?
8. What materials do I need?
9. Are there other objects made
from orgone?
10. What are they used for?
11. Music ear phones
12. What is a Bovis scale?
13. What is a Bovis Spin?
14. Low energy in tap water, why?
15. Use of the Bovis scale
16. Let’s make an Orgone Generator
Barney lives in Shingletown, CA. One of his specialties is Water Dowsing, finding well sites, etc. He dowsed his first well over 62 years ago for his grandfather, a well digger, and also a dowser. Barney was born on his grandfather’s birthday and was blessed to have his grandson, who can also dowse, born on this day also. He works with all forms of energy and vibrations, using them for clearing and energizing water, finding water lines, septic tanks, and locating correct sites for labyrinth building.

Mr. Turner works on clearing people, houses, and properties of non-beneficial energy and entities. He works with, and builds, Orgone Generators to raise the energy of people and houses. Barney teaches Basic Dowsing and shows others how to use the Bovis scale to test themselves and others for health, food, and water.

For a number of years he has practiced and taught others the Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT). EFT is used to help in removal of phobias of water, heights, animals, and trauma relief from accidents, etc.

Barney Turner is Vice President of the Northern California Dowsers chapter in Redding, CA. He is committed to inspiring & coaching others to learn how to come out of their comfort zones and to try something new (i.e., Dowsing), so they can experience themselves on a deeper intuitive and spiritual level throughout their lives.

“Health & Medical Issues Part II”
The continued rantings of the ex-con. Please bring 3 questions & let’s have fun!

By: Timothy A. Kersten, D.D.S.
Date: Sunday, 3 March 2013 at 1

Timothy A. Kersten, D.D.S. has vast experience in the health field. Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) with honors – University of Minnesota, 1975, Bachelor of Science Degree, 1972 – University of Minnesota, Major: Biochemistry, Minor: Anatomy, Skydiving team (1971-1972). Following graduation, I participated in an internship in Hospital Dentistry at Minneapolis General Hospital, and then served 2 years in the U.S. Navy Dental Corp. as a Lieutenant.

Post Graduate Studies include: Clinical Hypnosis; Dental Hypnosis; Dental Acupuncture; Classical Chinese Acupuncture; Neural Therapy according to Huneke; Ultra Sound Therapy; Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll (EAV); Biological Ionization (Carey A. Reams); Radionics; Electromagnetic, Geopathic and Gravitational Field Energies (Hans Neiper, M.D., Hannover, West Germany); Dowsing; Homeopathy – classical and combination remedies; Dental Advisory Board; and contributing editor (1990-1995) to “Let’s Live Magazine,” Family Constellation Therapy; Science of Mind 100, 200, 300.

“Health & Medical Issues”
By: Timothy A. Kersten, D.D.S.
Date: Sunday, 10 February 2013 at 1p.m.

Timothy A. Kersten, D.D.S. has vast experience in the health field. He has been practicing dentistry without mercury or fluoride for over 30 years. As a long time dowser, among many interests, Dr. Kersten will address the following: “Health & Medical Issues: Do flies cause garbage?  Are we blaming the messenger?” We will look at breaking the cycle of blaming symptoms, and look at a new perspective. Some areas of concern are body types, B-12, thyroid, and flies. Bring 3 questions regarding dentistry &/or health.

Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) with honors – University of Minnesota, 1975, Bachelor of Science Degree, 1972 – University of Minnesota, Major: Biochemistry, Minor: Anatomy, Skydiving team (1971-1972). Following graduation, I participated in an internship in Hospital Dentistry at Minneapolis General Hospital, and then served 2 years in the U.S. Navy Dental Corp. as a Lieutenant.

“Science of Human Health”
By Julierae (JR) Weldon, ND, M.H., NMT, etc.
Date: Sunday, 6 January 2013

Julierae (JR) Weldon holds many titles as an ND (Naturopathic doctor), M.H. (master herbalist), NMT (Neuromuscular therapist), Bachelors in Human Health Sciences, Bachelors in Human Nutrition and more. JR Weldon will discuss her research and personal experience on the following:
• Science of human health
• Personal dowsing knowledge & research
• Learned skills to help people with their health
• Overcoming issues related to nutrition based diseases
JR Weldon has been dowsing and using the universal energies to help people since approximately 3 years of age. Healing crafts were handed down from her great grandmother to her first daughter, to her first daughter, then to her first daughter, who is JR Weldon. Weldon has passed the generational torch of the healing art craft and dowsing to her daughter. Weldon became a Master Herbalist at the young age of 15 years old. As a natural progression, she studied the human body and nutrition, and how it all works together to heal the body. JR uses some sort/kind of dowsing every day, all day.
JR Weldon, ND, M.H., MNT, etc. can be reached at: or, & 530.515.1080

“Healing, Food, & Movie”
By Jana & Jeannette
Date: Sunday, 2 December 2012 at 1 p.m.

Jana and Jeannette have been lifelong well being and nutrition seekers. Both have traveled the globe and states in search for answers and teaching others. Come prepared to dowse & learn.
Jana, Northern California’s Numerology & SCIO expert, will talk about charging water (bring water to dowse) and magnetic healing.
Jeannette, MA, will discuss the importance of organic produce and the impact of genetically engineered (GE) or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Film: Genetic Roulette the Gamble of Our Lives.

“Modern Physics and Energy Healing”
By Dr. Arlan Cage, ND, Lac
Date: Sunday, 4 November 2012 at 1 p.m.

Dr. Cage, ND, LAc a Naturopathic doctor and former aerospace engineer, will discuss the science and modern physics theories that support and define the mechanisms behind subtle energies and their use in healing.

Energy medicine is a general term applied to a variety of systems of healing that have a proven ability to help patients, yet involve giving no medicines. It includes such diverse therapies as acupuncture, homeopathy, crystal healing, prayer, and the various systems of so-called “direct energy medicine”. These include Qigong, Aka Dua Reiki, Jin Shin Jitsu, Therapeutic Touch, and many others.

Regardless of how these therapies are used, they all share a common scientific basis that, unfortunately, has not yet gained widespread knowledge. This discussion is a step in the direction of greater awareness of the scientific basis of subtle energetic phenomena.

Mount Shasta Natural Healing
1180 So. Mt. Shasta Blvd. suite A
Mount Shasta, CA 96067

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