June 12th Speaker

Northern California Dowsers


“Tuning Fork Therapy and What it Can Do For You 

Jann Holden
of PURPLE SAGE ~~Sound & Touch Therapy in Red Bluff

Sunday, 12 June 2016
Meeting at 1:30

Shasta County Library, Community Room,
1100 Parkview Ave.,  Redding,  CA 96001

Voluntary Donation: $5, $7, or $10 suggested (not required).
We welcome snacks & refreshments.

Tuning Forks have been around for many years. Come learn more about tuning forks, acupressure points, healing, sound, etc. with Jann Holden. Demonstration provided.

Jann is an Ordained Minister, REIKI Master, EFT Coach,  Tuning Fork & Sound Therapist with over 35 years experience in my field.  She offers doTerra essential oil products as well as Nikken Magnetic products. She assists with advise on dietary changes, and supplements you may be lacking.  Hair analysis and saliva testing are also available thru my office, as well as ph testing and iodine deficiency tests.

Through REIKI, diet changes, and a strong determination, I am a 30 year plus stage 4 cancer survivor and am very passionate about energy healing, REIKI in particular.  Much against my families wishes, I did not use the conventional methods of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery for my cancer.  Instead I took a class in REIKI and learned to work on myself.  Later I went on to become a REIKI Master. My work is now aimed at making a difference in other people’s lives as well, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Jann Holden’s contact info: PURPLE SAGE, 2120 Main St.  Suite C Red Bluff, CA.  96080, (530) 737-3214, email: jannholden@att.net, www.jannholden.webs.com

Thank you

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