In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Nor Cal Dowsers recognizes our recently departed loved ones that have touched our lives and we remember their loving energies.  We recognize the following people who’ve brought light, entertainment, love and compassion to us.  Thanks for being around.

Darlene Creason (passed away 28 December 2023) California.  Darlene is remembered for her patience, positive attitude and awareness. 

Alfred Baldocchi (passed away late October 2023) Junction City, California.  Al was a friend to many and his awareness was greatly appreciated!  He was aware, a good dowser, former policeman who never shot anyone, former fireman, family man, etc.  He’s joy for life and helping many shall be remembered.  Some of his mantras were  “Enjoy the moment” and “Life is good.”

Dr. Sheilia Keng McNickels (2023) was a terrific acupuncturist and wellness coach always studying to help others.  She was a speaker for the Dowsers and usually participated in our local wellness holistic faires.  She was a wonderful woman and often barely charged people for her expertise to help in their wellness care. 


Zenas H. “Slim”  Chapman (18 July 1920 – 6 February 2023) Redding, California

Slim was one of our founding members of the Northern California Dowsers.  His sence of humor, intellect, spirituality and gratitude will most certainly be missed.  Slim was a proud veteran, retired engineer from Lockheed Martin and follower of esoteric spiritual teachings.  He was a private person, but deep.  He was a follower of the yogic philosophy and practice.  For many years he’d gift the Five Rites yoga book and health literature.  Slim knew that dowsing worked and originally started with the San Jose chapter many years ago.  Slim thanks for being an ambassador of good will, health and wisdom.  We love you!


Janice Gae Chapman Kladt (2 April 1959 – 27 February 2023) Redding, California

Slim’s daughter Janice died unexpectedly shortly after her dad “Slim”.  When Slim stopped driving, Janice would be his driver to Nor Cal Dowsers meetings.  She was spiritually oriented and loved God.


Wayne Hoff ( 28 August 1952 – 18 November 2022) Lodi, California

Wayne’s dedication to searching for ways to help people obtain wholeness and wellness through dowsing is evident by his research and clients. He seemed to be on an endless search for solutions and reasons behind people’s wellness. He flew across the states to attend Raymond Grace’s courses in Virginia to attending Dr. Ibrahim Karim Biogeometry courses. He was an important contributor to the West Coast Dowsing Conferences and the San Jose Dowsers Chapter for decades. He was willing and able to share his knowledge and experience with other dowsers, friends and clients. Oddly, not to many dowsers and friends have pictures with him. However, one would often see him getting technical equipment prepped for speakers at conferences making sure that projectors, mics, recorders, etc. were in professional working order for presenters. He was quick and efficient often seen with a smile wherever he went. Wayne was an excellent speaker who regularly presented at the West Coast Dowsers Conference, as President of the San Jose chapter and Nor Cal Dowsers chapter. He spoke to the Nor Cal Dowsers Chapter in May of 2018 on “USING PHYSICAL DOWSING AND MENTAL DOWSING FOR CLEARING LOCATIONS ”. One of the things he shared was a Brazilian public service announcement of an entity hanging out with an alcoholic. It was so impressive that the we’ve shared it with others and at meetings because of its impact and effectiveness. Because of Wayne’s presentation we’ve shared that video at Nor Cal Dowser meetings and people always want to know the link so they too can share the information with others. So here’s the link:     Wayne seemed to always be in the mode of helping others with a smile. Whether it is for his healing work in dowsing or calm helpful nature. He did so much to make others look good, was an excellent speaker and educator, and was greatly interested in people’s wellness and wholeness. Wayne will certainly be missed and remembered! Thanks Wayne.