Northern California Dowsers

Dear Nor Cal Dowsers and Friends,

We are currently in a state of transition, and will be taking a Spring Break in lieu of the April meeting.  Scheduling and timing issues require flexibility around future meeting dates.  Currently, our next scheduled meeting is on Saturday, May 17th from noon to 4pm at the Shasta Public Library, 1100 Parkview Ave, Redding.  Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks everyone for supporting our club via donations and by purchasing tools and aids.  Thanks Barney for all your fabrications, Marjorie’s & Carole’s technical support, Jana’s treasurer/secretary assistance, and Mary’s hospitality.

Happy Spring Break!



More on Dowsing

  • Carl Bracy, Walt Woods & others emphasize dowsing daily.  Dowsing before retiring helps our subconscious.
  • Anti-aging dowsing technique: Use a chart (Walt, Sharron’s or another) & pendulum.  Walt says to phrase the longevity question as follows, “What is my health for my age, gender, and peer group in a 100 mile radius?” Ask the system to make corrections.  Ask how long will it take?  This can be done at night before retiring.   As one gets healthier the radius can be extended.
  • “May I, Can I, Should I?” program by Walt Woods.  After “yes” responses, then proceed to dowsing question.
  • Need to become more focused with questions & intention?  Breathe, ask your angels &/or source for help. Think of the 5 Ws (Who, What, Where, When, Why) & how before you begin to dowse.  “Know” dowsing works. 
  • Barney’s (Nor Cal Dowsers) interview by a reporter recently: http://motherboard.vice.com/en_uk/read/how.-californias-water-witches-divine-water-in-a-drought .  Mistakes in article, but “Nice” feature on Barney.
  • Barney was also recently part of another dowsing instructional audio video at Dowsing Fest 2014 with discoveringdowsing.com (Nigel & Maggie Percy’s Sixth Sense Consulting). 
  • Sharron Hope (Gold Country Dowsers) recently interviewed. Sacramento  Fox40 interviews Sharron Hope & Robert Mondovi:
  • A reporter interviews Sharron from NY:  http://www.vice.com/read/meet-the-water-witcher-who-is-helping-california-farmers-deal-with-drought.  Mistakes & inaccuracies, but good feature piece on Sharron and dowsing.
  • Al Jazeera interviews Sharron Hope & Prof Dizard, aired on Friday 3/14: https://ajam.box.com/s/lok3z8e3p1dmmh6w9099

Indalgo Felix

(Fruitful Search)