August 27 Meeting, 2023

Northern California Dowsers

 An American Society of Dowsers’ Chapter


“Other Worldly Phenomena”

by Wally

Sunday 27 August 2023
1:30 P.M. PDT

Location: Shasta County Library, Community Rm
1100 Parkview Ave., Redding, CA 96001

Donations: $5 or more is greatly appreciated
Feel free to bring snacks & refreshments

After a brief discussion on Dowsing, with questions and answers, Wally will speak on various subjects including not widely known esoteric phenomena relating to technology, dynamics, and entities not native to Earth. Join us for what should be a thought provoking, illuminating and entertaining presentation.


  1. John
    October 9, 2023

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    I’m curious whether we can have this gentleman speak in Mt Shasta city, Ca which is about 1 hour north of Redding, Ca.
    I could provide a location and overnight lodging should he want to do a next day follow up.
    Seeing that this is considered a sacred place we have many people that would love to learn and hone their dowsing skills and knowledge.
    Please let me know whether this could be a possibility.
    Many thanks!

    • admin
      October 24, 2023

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      John will inquire. Do you have further contact information? Thanks

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