March 17 Part 2 with Sandee Mac, 2024

Sunday, 17 March 2024 @ 2PM PST/5 PM EST Northern California Dowsers of American Society of Dowsers’ chapter Presents “PART II:  DOWSING FOR EMOTIONAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING” by Sandee Mac (International Dynamic Dowser).

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It’s time to dive deeper into Sandee’s “Dowsing for Emotional Health & Wellbeing” with Part II of her presentation towards wellness. Last month we dedicated ourselves to using Sandee’s fun and easy protocol for “Emotional Health and Wellbing”. For Part II bring a buddy (loved one, animal, neighbor, etc.), Emotion Code chart, pendulum and magnet. Get into your vibrational attunement to create and release what you’re meant to live. Sandee’s guidence of fun, love, joy and ease, transports us to the next level. One of the most overlooked & misunderstood aspects of ourselves, as total BEINGS, is how to deal with emotions. Equally important as our mind, spirit, and body are our emotions. We already know how to deny, suppress, project or ignore them until they cripple or sicken us in countless ways.

    Are you ready to use your dowsing skills to make emotions your allies, and resolve and heal the old wounded ones to finally free yourself?  

   Sandee has an extensive background working with emotions from several different models & perspectives, and will be sharing these with us and our pendulums. You’ll learn to identify , experience, and express them appropriately in the future. Best of all, you’ll learn some amazing, painless, and almost instantaneous ways to locate & heal negative emotions from the past, bringing about better health, abundance, great relationships, & peace of mind!
 Don’t miss this! Make sure to have a downloaded Emotion Code Chart, bring pendulum, magnet & buddy (family member, friend, neighbor, animal, etc).

ABOUT OUR PRESENTER: Sandee Mac is a long-time metaphysician living in Arizona. She is a frequent speaker at numerous conferences in the US and abroad including England, Canada & Bosnia. Sandee has been researching & teaching a vast array of techniques since the ’70s. She is certified, trained, or initiated in over 70 different modalities including Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, Dowsing (Past President of American Society of Dowsers), Past Life Regression, Shamanism, NLP, Hypnosis, and much more. Sandee uses a variety of these tools and techniques in her private consultations to help people overcome a range of issues, including physical pain, disease, fatigue, mental illness, depression, emotional difficulties, relationship problems, money blockages, etc. She has also worked with UFO abductees and contactees for over three decades. In addition to her private consultations, she loves to share her knowledge with others. She regularly teaches classes in Dowsing, Psychic Protection, Creating Abundance, Past Life & Regression, and many other topics. For more information about Sandee, her classes, or private consultations, visit Sandee Mac’s website: or call 505-577-5775.
Thank you!

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