May 5th Meeting

Northern California Dowsers




Wayne Hoff

Saturday, 5 May 2018
Meeting at noon

Shasta County Library, Community Room
1100 Parkview Ave.,  Redding,  CA 96001
Suggested Donation: $5 (or any amount you choose… voluntary, not required).
Snacks & refreshments always welcomed & appreciated.


When clearing houses and other locations, using both physical dowsing tools and mental dowsing tools can improve your ability to find and correct detrimental energies. BioGeometry uses physical dowsing exclusively to make corrections. Wayne will talk about their system and why it is effective. GeoSafe uses mental dowsing. Also general dowsing techniques and corrections use mental dowsing. Each dowsing technique has advantages and disadvantages. This will be presented in this talk.

If you are interested in having a clear home, business office, or land area, this talk will help you have more choices in how to measure and make corrections.

Wayne will be bringing tools and corrections that he uses and discussing how to use them.

Wayne Hoff is the President of the San Jose Dowsers. He began dowsing by spending a transformative week at the West Coast Dowsers Conference in 1989. He now uses dowsing every day in his personal and professional life. He has studied with many of the great dowsers. Wayne has worked in the alternative healing field for over 30 years. He now works fulltime as an Energy Medicine Specialist clearing houses, businesses, and people. Wayne is based in Monterey and where he has an office. He also works out of offices in the San Ramon and Stockton. Wayne works remotely over Skype and the phone. Check his website at You can contact Wayne at or call or text him at 831-818-6980.


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