July 13th Meeting

July 13th Meeting

 Northern California Dowsers

Presents Double feature

“Demonstration of the 15th Step”

@ 1pm
By Katy Redmon
Certified Hypnotist


@ 2:30 
By NCD Members &/or Video

Saturday, 15 July 2019  

Shasta County Library, Community Rm.,
1100 Parkview Ave., Redding, CA  96001
Suggested Donation: $5-$10 (voluntary, not required).
Snacks & refreshments welcomed & appreciated.

12:30 – 1pm: Early Birds: Basic Dowsing with NCD Members for those interested.

Meeting begins @  1pm: The 15th Step is a simple, self-trance process that vibrates the physical body to the proper vibration to match the frequency of guides and masters of the Inner World. It is an actual place you visit, a bridge between the material and the non-material world where you can go to heal the cells of the body and begin to learn about the “other side”.  You experience what the inner, non-material world is all about and how to make your life work as an energy being in a human body.  The 15th Step uses the principles of spirituality, science and energy to bring you to a place where physical and emotional balance are attained and you can get answers to your life questions.

Katy Redmon is a Certified Hypnotist.  She works in her private practice in Redding, CA doing Clinical Hypnosis and Trans-personal Hypnotherapy.  As a hypnotist, she specializes in Past Life Regression Therapy and is a certified teacher of the 15th Step process. Her passion is to assist people in changing their thinking, so they can change their lives for the better.  She guides people to re-script their lives in order to be free from the past. Trained as an educator, she has taught elementary school, high school, and Adult English as a Second Language. She received her Trans-personal Hypnotherapist certification from the Institute of Thought, San Diego, CA and her training from the Better Life Center in Berkeley, CA.  She is IOT certified to teach the 15th Step process. She earned a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University, a Single Subject Teaching Credential in English from Sonoma State University, and her Bachelor’s Degree in Theater from the University of San Francisco.

Katy is a member of NGH – National Guild of Hypnotists, IARRT – the International Association of Regression Research and Therapies. She is a graduate of Vicki Noble’s Motherpeace School of Female Shamanism, Berkeley, CA.Katy Redmon’s contact:  mobile: 707-694-2952 & website  www.redmonhypnotherapy.com

Break 2:15-2:30

2:30pm: Dowsing with NCD Members.  Techniques to clear your home.  Possible video.  You choose.  Q/A

Thank You

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