March 2023 Meeting, 2023

Northern California Dowsers American Society of Dowsers’ chapter Presents “NUMEROLGY with Yana:
Influence of Personal Years” by Yana Gocmanova Numerologist and Wellness Consultant
Sunday 19 March 2023 1:30pm, Location: Shasta County Library, Community Rm., 1100 Parkview Ave., Redding, CA 96001, Donations: $10 or more is greatly appreciated, Feel free to bring snacks & refreshments

Join us for “Numerology with Yana: Influence of Personal Years.” Science of numerology is the oldest practical application of the fundamental laws of the Universe to the material existence of man. Numbers are keys to Natural sequence of events. They are symbols of the earliest language and they carry meaning. Their vibratory influence on certain periods bring specific results. We can explore the future trends and influences of a person’s life by looking at the personal years. Each year contains a different energy. If we work with the energy we will progress smoothly, if we fight the tone of the year we will struggle all year long. Find out more about your personal relationship with the year 2023.

Yana Gocmanova has studied numerology for the last 25 years. She has done professional readings to help her clients make important decisions in their lives, explain actions and peacefully resolve the conflicts with family members or friends. Yana is a holistic practitioner. She has been a certified Quantum biofeedback specialist for nearly 15 years. She uses the knowledge of numerology in working with her clients. The clients’ birth dates help her to choose the most appropriate program for their recovery. She lives in Redding.



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