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Category: General Mt Shasta Dowsers Meeting

Mt Shasta Dowsers Meeting

August 17, 2014

Sun., Aug 17th  Mt. Shasta Dowsers' “Dowsing from the Heart”  1:00 - 3:00pm
Mount Shasta Dowsers' welcomes Jozef Pinter from the Princeton Holistic Clinic (N.J.) for its inaugural meeting.  Beginners and experienced dowsers are invited to this informal, at-home gathering.  Jozef will work directly with workshop participants in demonstrating his Bioenergy Protocol, a highly efficient system developed over 29 years for diagnosing and treating health concerns, especially as related to nutrition. Participants will have an opportunity to dowse with each other and explore solutions to everyday concerns such as car repair, relationship building, health enhancement and work satisfaction.  Dowsing is a path connecting the truth of one’s heart to clear, joyful living.  Simply bring a sincere intention – and a pendulum if you have one.  Pendulums will be provided for beginners. Caroline is hosting this event for free. Location: The One Song Center, 1215 Audubon Road, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067.  Contact:Caroline Hamlet's email: OneSongCenterMt.Shasta@gmail.com

The One Song Center
1215 Audubon Road
Mt Shasta, 96067

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