October 2018 Meeting

Northern California Dowsers

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Barney Turner for “Outstanding Chapter leader”
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“Paranormal Investigations Using Scientific Methods 

James Carter


“Clearing Properties & Organisms”
(Time Permitting)

Nor Cal Dowser Members

Saturday, 20 October 2018
Meeting at Noon

Shasta County Library Community Room
1100 Parkview Ave.,  Redding,  CA 96001
Suggested Donation: $5 (or any other amount).
Snacks & refreshments always welcomed & appreciated.


“Paranormal Investigations Using Scientific Methods”

James will be speaking about his experiences with the paranormal, why he started his non profit group, PROUD, the equipment they use, their duties as a team, etc.

My name is James Carter, as a child I experienced what society considers night terrors, and witnessed dark shadow figures in the home I grew up in that terrified me. I would scream to my mother “don’t you see them, don’t you see them?” She could not, I often questioned my sanity.

My experiences with the unknown soon faded away, until the age of 32. I lived in a little town in North Carolina, where my sanity was about to be tested once again.

I fell asleep in bed, I was awakened by an evil entity holding me down. This entity looked like a young girl, but it clearly was not. She was wearing a long white flowing gown, her hair was black long and greasy, her nails were long and curved, and her eyes were blacker than black. I couldn’t

breathe, I couldn’t move nor speak. I asked a question in my mind to her “How did you die?” She replied with a deep growling voice “let me show you.” Her eyes shifted, they turned into what I consider TV screens, and I was shown she died in a car accident. I later found out about her documented death that occurred one mile from my house.

Eventually this entity vanished, and I was left terrified and confused in a puddle of sweat. Weeks went by as I slept on the couch, every time I would try to sleep back in that room, my bed would feel as if someone was trying to lay next to me, and it felt like I was being starred at by thousands of people in a coliseum. I was at my breaking point, and the only way to accept these events was to document.

I grabbed a piece of paper and laid it on the ground in the bedroom, I placed one pen on the paper facing vertically, and then I took another pen and drew the outline of that pen that sat on that piece of paper. I asked out loud “I am going to bed now, if you are real, I want you to move that pen in a big way by the time I wake up!”

The next morning that pen was at a 90 degree angle to the drawing in the shape of an upside down cross. I felt this weight has been lifted knowing I wasn’t crazy, and said out loud “thank you!”
Soon after that I decided to start a non-profit group P.R.O.U.D (Paranormal Researchers Of Unexplained Disturbances). A group determined to document paranormal events in the hopes to support and help those that may question their sanity. We use specialized scientific equipment to gather such evidence.

Par·a·nor·mal –beyond the range of normal or scientific explanation. James can be reached at the following email: proudgoldsboro@gmail.com



Paranormal activity exists, and some people can sense it more than others. This second part of the meeting is geared towards sharing paranormal experiences with one another. We’ll collaborate on ways that work for clearing properties and organisms by eliminating factors, such as unwanted entities, undesirable phenomena, negative geopathways, etc. Jeannette, Barney, Sharron and others will share ways of protection and elimination.

Thank You




  1. Linda Nelson
    October 21, 2018

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    I want to hire someone to dowse my property in Round Mountain. Are you able to give me a contact?
    Thank you for your assistance

    • admin
      October 31, 2018

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      Hello Linda,
      Yes. 222.2024.

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